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Providing the best possible treatment of your High Risk or Recurrent Cancer.

The Center for High Risk and Recurrent Cancer is the world leader in the immunotherapy of cancer. Immunotherapy is the forefront of cancer management and offers the hope of potential cure to patients who previously had only palliative options.

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Our Mission is to offer the most advanced treatment options to men who have high risk prostate cancer or who have suffered a recurrence of their prostate cancer. If you have been advised that your prostate cancer is classified as High Risk (high PSA, Gleason score 8 or greater, or large volume tumor) or after previous treatment has returned, or if your PSA levels are rising after your primary treatment has been completed, you have come to the right place - we can help.

Our approach Uses All Avilable Targeted Focal Therapies

New Hope for Patients with
End-Stage Metastatic Cancer

There is now new hope for patients with end stage metastatic prostate cancer who have their disease progressing despite hormonal therapy. This situation is called castrate resistant prostate cancer or CRPC. This is usually the last stage of prostate cancer and the point at which chemotherapy is usually started. Chemotherapy can add a few extra months of life for a patient, but long term responses are rare.

Dr. Onik is currently using a new treatment utilizing the patients own immune system to fight the cancer. Results have been dramatic as shown in the following case study.



His PSA is currently undetectable and his tumors have disappeared on CT scan and ultrasound. His biopsies are now negative.

Case study Mr L is a 72 yr old man with a long history of prostate cancer. His cancer returned after radical prostatectomy and then again after radiation. He did well for years on hormonal therapy, but then his cancer started progressing. Despite all therapies including 12 courses of chemotherapy, his disease kept growing and he was literally facing death. Under a compassionate use protocol, he was provided a never before used treatment.