Patient Testimonials

In their own words

Dr H. Freedman, April 4, 2021

My name is Howard Freedman MD, a retired pediatric ophthalmologist. I had advanced Hodgkin’s disease in 1977 and was treated with radiation and chemotherapy which cured my cancer 44 years ago. As a consequence of that radiation, I developed a secondary tumor, an
advanced sarcoma which had spread to my liver and abdomen and is notoriously difficult to treat.
Consultation with many doctors and advanced Cancer centers (like Moffitt in Tampa, FL) gave me no hope for a cure and standard chemotherapy (which would have been toxic to my already compromised heart) was recommended with only a small chance of successful long-term remission. Most patients with my cancer die within 12 months. I could not find any experimental protocols or immunotherapy which would treat me after extensive searching.

I decided to pursue cryotherapy and immunotherapy with Gary Onik MD, which is the basis of the lmmunsys treatment protocol. I received the treatment in January and a repeated CT/PET scan in February showed that all the tumor present in my abdomen and pelvis had disappeared and that the multiple liver metastases were unchanged in size. This was evidence of a remarkable remission and partial cure for my incurable cancer.

My local oncologist said they have never seen remissions like this in sarcomas and that 11most people die” from the tumor. They said I had made the right choice in therapy. I was not only delighted with the immune response and partial clearing of my tumor, but I was given hope again! I am pursuing additional immunotherapy and radiation therapy to eliminate my liver tumors and hope for a complete cure, if possible. The benefits of the lmmunsys treatments are incredible. It is the only treatment I know that creates an immune response to an individual’s tumor as a ‘1tumor vaccine”. It deserves to become available to thousands of other cancer patients as it has been shown to provide complete remissions and cures as well as partial remissions for many different cancer types. As a physician I can fully appreciate its benefits not only for the effects but also for the hope it can provide in conditions where there little or no hope for survival.

As a developer of medical technology myself, I know that Dr. Onik is critical at this stage of ilmmunsys’ development. The company should be allowed to survive after bankruptcy with Dr. Onik as an integral part of the project. He needs to be able to continue to provide these incredibly beneficial services to needy cancer patients like myself.

Sincerely yours,
Howard Freedman M.D.

Lucy Doty, 2021

My name is Lucy Doty. I have metastatic pancreatic cancer that spread to my liver. I was diagnosed for pancreatic cancer on December 2020. I was told by the oncologist that it is incurable. My options: no chem – 2% chance of living a year; having chemo – 39% chance of living past 2 years. Either way, I would have a painful death, even though the chemo was a form of palliative care. 

I’ve had many friends take chemo for many types of cancer and the quality of life they had, left a lot to be desired. I was prepared to take chemo and had a port surgically put in in early January with chemo scheduled for the first week of February 2021. The end of January, a longtime friend called to tell me her brother was going to Dr. Gary Onik for metastatic prostate cancer and he wanted me to research Dr. Onik as a possible option for myself. After my research and talking with my family, I sent Dr. Onik an email to ask if I could qualify for
the treatment, he was giving my friend, even though only a few pancreatic cancer patients were mention in the research I did. 

On February 4, Dr. Onik called me and said would qualify for treatment and could become his patient after more medical evaluation.
On February 21st, I went to Florida and was evaluated and had my first treatment on February 25th. On February 17th I had a PET scan that revealed a tumor on the tail of the pancreas 2.8 x 2.4 cm. A month after the first treatment, on March 25th I had a follow-up PET scan that showed the tumor is now 2.6 x 2.0 cm – smaller. The activity in tumor was also less. I had lesions on the liver which are a bit larger in size, but are are also decreased in the level of their activity. On March 9th my cancer markers were 816 and on March 25th the markers were down to 581. All these positive changes have given me hope for a potential cure of the incurable. I am scheduling my second treatment for the end of April. Dr. Gary Onik is truly Dr. Hope.


Joe Lee, 2015

Many thanks for your prayers, cards, emails, and phone calls of continuing support. Believe me, they helped in dealing with a personal crisis.
Susy and I are in Florida for a medical procedure — and I am happy to report that — as determined by PSA Blood Tests and a 3D Mapping Biopsy — Joe is Cancer Free.

This means that in some 90 days I went from seeing “Hospice on the Horizon” to being a “Lab Rat” in a semi-experimental Cryosurgical Ablation procedure — to becoming a “Miracle Man” as determined by Dr. Gary Onik the Cryosurgeon who saved my life.

The Cryosurgical Ablation procedure includes freezing the tumor and administering selected immunology drugs. These drugs fight the cancer cells and energize the natural immune system of your body.

Susy and Joe return to Michigan on Thursday — and Joe is going salmon fishing next week.

Dr. Onik’s bio is in the link below.

Please distribute this correspondence among your friends as appropriate.

Again– many thanks for your support.

Best Regards,

Joe Lee

C. Lo, 2015

Dear Dr. Onik: I am thrilled to report that my PSA is undetectable !! You have done it!! Thanks in a million. There are thousands of people suffering like me (rising PSA after radiation). How can I spread this good news to them? You may need to “advertise” more or some other means to save their suffering!! Have a great day.

M Tonkinson, 2014


10 years after having taken the decision to undergo Brachey Therapy seed implantation as a treatment for a low-grade pc cancer, I was shaken by my local urologist’s announcement that the treatment had failed. I was now considered a failed radiation pc patient. My spirits were further dampened when I was advised of the only two possible treatment therapies available post-radiation therapy“ none of them particularly attractive:

(a) Radical Prostatectomy with a very high probability of incontinence and most definitely a 100% certainty of impotence and

(b) Chemical castration as a means of temporality slowing down the rate of cancer spread and some pretty horrific side effects e.g. growing breasts, impotence and depression.

Faced with a choice between two very poor options offered I decided to do some research into the availability of any other treatment options. I quickly learnt that, through recent advances in radiological imaging techniques, there was a growing body of encouraging evidence indicating the success of new and effective treatment options that offered few if any side effects. Two of these options, Cryotherapy and irreversible electroporation therapy ( also known as the Nanoknife (which isn’t a knife at all)) seemed to present as possible effective treatment options. Further research revealed that Prof. Gary Onik pioneered both options. The most logical step was then to contact Prof. Onik, a decision that has possibly led to the preservation of my quality of life and resulted in a complete cure of the pc.

On the 12th December 2014, after having undergone a 3D mapping biopsy, and received confirmation that the PC was organ confined, I underwent the focal Cryoablation therapy treatment performed by Prof. Onik in Miami, Florida. The procedure itself was a simple day procedure with relatively minor post-op pain or discomfort. Three days following the procedure, I was able to fly back to Johannesburg, South Africa to join my family on our annual holiday.

My PSA reading 4 months post Cryotherapy treatment indicates a PSA level of 0.01mg/l“ almost undetectable.

Both my GP and my local urologist (Perth, Australia) are stunned by the results achieved. So are my wife and family. I am left dumbstruck as to why I was not offered these treatment options upfront?

Whilst I will have to continually monitor my PSA levels I remain eternally grateful for the bold and courageous work done by Prof Onik in pioneering these new medical treatments that may have a profound impact on the way men are treated for pc in the future.

P. Balkum, 2013

My name is PB. I want to share how ultrasound guided cryosurgery ablation used in 2001 gave me hope, possibly saved my life and definitely prevented the loss of normal functionality of my right arm.

In 2001 a lesion in my right axilla (arm pit) was biopsied and determined to be a ductal adenoma carcinoma lesion. This lesion stemmed from a previous breast cancer diagnosis. This was my third breast cancer diagnosis over a period of 6 years. My previous health care protocols had been one left breast mastectomy, right breast mastectomy, and chemo therapy.

I determined to find another approach to this disease. In my search on the internet I found Dr. Gary Onik. He was at Celebration Hospital, in Celebration Florida at that time. I sent him an email explaining my circumstances. He requested that I set up an appointment with one of his colleagues. They reviewed my case and decided to perform cryosurgery ablation on the lesion. The lesion was approximately 4 or 5 cm, encapsulated around the main artery in my right arm. This was the first time this procedure had been done by Dr. Onik and his colleague, possibly ever. The procedure took approx 5 hours with the best of care. Within a couple of days I began to feel better. I was amazing.

Dr. Onik suggested after the surgery that I do radiation due to the possibIlity of some cells remaining around the main artery. I agreed and MD Anderson in Orlando performed the radiation.

It is now 12 years since my procedure and at the time, in the situation I was in , it would have been hard to believe that I would be here now, alive and with the full use of my right arm.