Our Philosophy

If you have been advised that your prostate cancer is classified as "High Risk" or after previous treatment has returned, or if your PSA levels are rising after your primary treatment has been completed, you have come to the right place - we can help.

Our Philosophy

The basis of our philosophy for the management of our patients come down to our “Golden Rule of Medicine”.

We will treat you as we would want to be treated.

This is infused into all aspects of our patient care. From the access our patients have to us (all
patients receive our direct cell phone number). To our diagnostic and biopsy protocols and to
the treatments that we perform. When I was faced with metastatic prostate cancer, I proved my
commitment to this philosophy when I myself was treated with my own immunotherapy regimen
rather than the standard treatment of chemical castration.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

No. Focal Therapy using cryoablation (by which we destory only the tumor within the prostate, not the whole gland), is an option now being offered that has less complications than a full gland treatment and appears to actually a better chance of success in treating your prostate cancer.

Radiation-recurrent prostate cancer is a deadly disease. Prostate cancer that has recurred after radiation is often times more aggressive than the original tumor the patient had before the radiation. This means that patients should seek targeted local treatment to prevent the cancer from spreading, without needless delay.

Radiation causes the tissues around the prostate to get stuck together making it very hard to remove the prostate gland, without causing extensive damage. Radical prostatectomy is therefore usually NOT performed in Radiation-recurrent prostate cancer because of poor cancer control results and very high complication rates. The Da Vinci Robot® has not been proven to help with this situation.

Usually No. Radiation therapists try to give the maximum dose possible the first time you are treated using radiation. Once you have reached that maximum dose no more radiation can safely be given. Additional radiation is usually NOT performed in Radiation-recurrent prostate cancer because of high complication rates.

Yes. Cryoablation (freezing of the tumor) has been approved for Radiation-recurrent prostate cancer since 2001 and is part of the NCCN 2011 (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) recommendations for patients with Radiation-recurrent prostate cancer. It is the only ablation modality approved for this indication (HIFU is not FDA approved or available in the US.) It works very well and has the lowest complication rates of any of the “salvage” treatments.

Radiation-recurrent prostate cancer is indicated by a rising PSA after radiation. While 75% of men with radiation-recurrent prostate cancer are treated, most of them are placed on hormone therapy (chemically castrated). Only 7% are treated with therapies directly to the prostate gland, in an effort to cure the patient. The large majority as a result are being “mis-managed”.

No. Hormonal therapy is NOT A CURE for radiation-recurrent prostate cancer. Moreover, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and is associated with other significant side effects which can effect a patient’s health and quality of life.

Yes we have cutting edge treatments for patients with metastatic disease and CRC (castrate resistant prostate cancer). These treatments utilize our proprietary techniques and immunotherapy to harness your bodies defenses to fight your cancer.