Dr. Onik has published an article for all prostate cancer patients describing the long-term results of his work in Prostate Focal Therapy using Targeted Cryoablation – and the results could change the way men think about treating their Prostate Cancer.

The implications of Targeted Cryoablation for high-risk and moderate-risk prostate cancer cases are extremely compelling because they demonstrate that the long-term Biochemical Disease-Free Survival rates for these groups of men are twice (2x) the published rate of other therapies, with far lower quality of life impacts.

Click below to download an easy-to-read published article for all patients describing this vitally important work. – What you learn may very well affect the rest of your life. Download Now. Then come back here to read all about the background and details of this critically important tool, as well as the history behind its development and its inventor.

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