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Our goal is to provide you with whatever time and personal service is needed to optimally treat your high-risk or recurrent prostate cancer.

It is usually the case that hospital fees, pathology fees, urological consultation, Xrays, CT and MRI scans, blood tests, facility fees, anesthesia fees, and the like are usually covered by Medicare or private insurance for biopsy and cryo-ablation, and may be covered by whatever third party insurance plan you have. However, depending on your insurance policy and your coverages, you may have co-pays, and/or some services may not be covered.

Unfortunately, however, the fees for the physician services and expertise we provide, are not covered by Medicare or by private insurance.

We, therefore, do not accept Medicare or private insurance for our physician services. We can provide more information regarding these matters when we speak with you. We are flexible in this regard and will make every effort to come up with a payment solution so that together we can get started solving your problem.

In order to evaluate patients from all parts of the United States, and around the world, Dr. Onik is willing to conduct a telephone or web consultation, (Sykpe or Facetime), to discuss your situation and his ability to help you. Of course, if you prefer to meet personally for your evaluation, we look forward to meeting you!

A personal, telephone, or web consultation with Dr. Onik lasts as long as an hour and can be scheduled by completing the form below.